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With forests, wildlife and the lake, Walesby is the perfect place for the GCSE students of Dukeries Academy to come and capture our site in all of its glory, whilst developing their photography skills and portfolios. 

Throughout the working year,  students undertaking photography GCSE are invited to come and visit Walesby Forest and capture everything from birds and trees to sunsets and open landscapes.  By welcoming them throughout the year the students can capture the landscape changes throughout the seasons.

The photos taken by the students will be displayed around Walesby and for sale with all the money going to the student who took the image. 

“It’s a great initiative for both the students and Walesby Forest. We can make use of  the new and innovative photos on our website and social media and the students have the opportunity to show there photography skills!” says Guy Laurie, CEO. 

It gives the students a potential insight into what the photography industry might look like, motivating them to take their best photos and to get the best out of their GCSE qualification. 

Guy continues, “This new initiative that brings students to the forest will be a great way for them to photograph things they normally wouldn’t, they can help show off how great Walesby is and everything it has to offer, I can’t wait to see how the images come out”.

Walesby Forest is open to more Schools bringing pupils to the forest to showcase and practise their skills. If you’re interested about getting involved speak to Walesby on 01623 860 202