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Residential trips provide young people with the opportunity to learn new skills and make stronger bonds with their classmates, with the trip often becoming a highlight of the school year. 

There are many benefits to primary and secondary school children going on a residential school trip. From developing their self confidence to improving their physical development, children will gain knowledge and experience that will help them inside and outside of the classroom. 

But organising a trip that is memorable and exciting can be daunting at the best of times. We’ve put together our top tips for making the process as easy as possible, especially if you choose Walesby Forest as your destination.


  • Start looking early for accommodation

Some of the best accommodation can get booked up very early on, mostly 12 to 24 months in advance, so the chances of finding availability only a few months before your preferred arrival date is very slim. In particular, the months from May to July become booked up very early as they coincide with the end of school exams and the school year, so you’ll need to start planning well ahead of time. 

Bonus tip: Make sure you contact the team at Walesby Forest at least 12 months in advance to secure your preferred dates.


  • Don’t forget the activities

As with accommodation, the most popular activities also get booked up in advance. Water sports such as canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding and raft building get booked up very early, so you will need to bear this in mind when considering your options. 

It will be helpful to discuss with your class about which activities you would like to book and have a wish-list drawn up. Then the team at your chosen activity centre will be able to compile the best programme to suit your needs.

Bonus tip: Find an activity centre that offers activities to suit all ages and abilities. You can browse the full list available at Walesby by following this link.


  • Consider food and catering

It’s very important to consider which dietary requirements you will need the centre to cater for. Many activity centres will offer specialist menus but they won’t assume that you know this. Ensure that you communicate with the team about the menu options to make sure that all of the pupils and teachers are happy with the choices on offer.

Bonus tip: discuss the menu in class and with parents and email the office with the completed menu form at least two weeks in advance; just make sure the number of meals adds up to the numbers attending – and don’t forget to add the teachers.  


  • Make the most of your budget 

At the moment there are unprecedented financial pressures on school budgets and parent’s pockets, so it’s important to consider the options available to your school. Some activity centres will offer discounts on accommodation or activity packages based on the time of the year for the booking, so there are plenty of options to maximise your budget.

Bonus tip: at Walesby Forest there is the option of day visits, one night to four night packages, and everything in between. Our programmes are bespoke so they can be adjusted to meet your needs.  


  • Communication is key

Lastly, the key to a successful trip is good communication between your school and the chosen activity centre. Keep the office team up-to-date with any changes, so they are able to act promptly and offer solutions. The team at the centre wants to make sure your class has the best time so regular dialogue rather than a last-minute flurry of activity will help everything run smoothly. 

Bonus tip: keep the office up to date with numbers coming to Walesby Forest, special dietary requirements and accessibility requirements, so we can prepare the most memorable adventure for your class. 


Book the residential trip of your dreams at Walesby Forest

As an established outdoor activity centre, Walesby Forest offers packages which help to develop children and young people’s confidence in a safe, fun and inclusive environment. Scouts, Guides, schools and youth groups are some of the groups which regularly venture to Walesby for their own adventure of a lifetime.

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