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3G Swing

This high adrenaline activity encourages you and a friend to set your own goals and challenge your limits, whilst building trust with their teammates. The group work together to hoist one participant in a harness up in the air on our 3G swing, as high or low as they like. When they are ready, the participants will pull the ripcord to release themselves and feel the G-force as they swing back and forth.

1 Hour 12 people max Ages: 5+

Abseil (25ft)

Climb up the 25ft ladder to the top of one of our climbing walls and control your own decent by abseiling down the wall.

1 Hour 12 people max Ages: 8+

Air Rifles

Do you have a keen eye, are you a crack shot? Even if you have fired a rifle before, try our rifle range which has 4 shooting booths and uses .177 air rifles. Our trained instructors will assist you in hitting the target and maybe the black centre. You never know you could get the highest score in your group.

1 Hour 12 people max Ages: 8+


Do you want to shoot arrows like Robin Hood? Then this activity is the one for you. Archery is a great opportunity for participants to develop control, dexterity and precision. We have all the equipment you'll need and have flexible target ranges which can be geared to each age group. Our instructors concentrate on developing pupil’s technique and ensure all participants get better in the session. As with all our activities all safety equipment is supplied.

1 Hour 12 people max Ages: 7+

Assault Course

Our assault course has you going up and under (nothing to do with rugby) over walls, cargo nets and down tubes with a competitive spirit if required. Our instructors will set challenges during your session time.

1 Hour 20 people max Ages: 7+

Body Boarding

How wet and slippery do you want to get? Using our boards you run and throw yourself down a shute and end up in our lake!

1 Hour 20+ people max Ages: 5+


Spend a fun morning or afternoon learning how to build a shelter from scratch and how to start a fire safely. Our outdoor instructors will guide you through the process from start to finish and will be on hand to answer any of your questions.

2 Hours 12 people max Ages: 7+

Canadian Canoes

Imagine if you will the old American trappers paddling up the rivers to their camps dodging crocodiles and Indians. Well you have a good imagination because our Canadian Canoes can seat up to 4 people and you paddle round the lake dodging kayaks and rafts instead but having a good time on open water as well.

1 Hour 12 people max Ages: 8+

Cave Maze

Do you like the idea of trying to get out of a dark gloomy maze with every turn getting you deeper n darker within the cave with 2 floors of maze and 3 exits you’re sure to get lost. With the cave having 2 floors to enter you will get a helmet but no lights (available if needed) Groups are also welcome as we have designed games and challenges for all. 

1 Hour 20+ people max Ages: 5+

Circus Skills

Ever thought about joining a circus, being silly all the time and just clowning around, well with our trained instructors you will learn how to juggle, do diablo, plate spinning and flower sticks. Let us bring out the clown that is in each of us and you never know you just might end up in a circus.

1 Hour 12 people max Ages: 5+

Crate Stack

Good balance? Steady on one foot? Not scared of a sudden drop? If this sounds like you then you will love Crate Stack. It’s a team building activity, stacking crates as high as you can with one of your team members balancing precariously on the top of your stack whilst the rest of the team are stacking them as high as they can.

1 Hour 12 people max Ages: 8+


Spend your time at Walesby being a detective for a day or weekend learning how to take a finger print to looking at fibres down a microscope. With all the evidence collected over your time as a detective you can then arrest and capture the murderer or burglar if you can catch them.

2 Hours 12 people max Ages: 5+

Frisbee Golf

A bit like crazy golf except that instead of club and balls you will have Frisbees and targets to aim at. Frisbee Golf is fun for all ages and you will guarantee to have a great time competing with your group.

1 Hour 20+ people max Ages: 5+

Giant Catapult

You will have learnt about the way objects are projected over a distance by a catapult well this is your chance to build a Giant Catapult, improve your pioneering and knotting skills and try to hit a target using different items to sling.

1 Hour 12 people max Ages: 8+

Giant Crate Stack

You've seen our crate stack, now try our giant crate stack, see how high you can stack those crates whilst being hoisted up by safety ropes.

1 Hour 12 people max Ages: 10+

Indoor Climbing

If it’s cold and wet outside and you want to scale the heights then try our indoor climbing walls. At Walesby we have 45ft high indoor climbing walls, with 2 auto belays and 6 ropes, and we can offer you the chance to pick a route you would like to try. You will have the help of a trained instructor who will help you every step of the way up, that’s if you need it.

1 Hour 12 people max Ages: 5+

Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob's Ladder is a vertical climb testing your nerve to its limits as you ascend up the ladder with various obstacles to overcome.

1 Hour 12 people max Ages: 5+


Wanting to get to know another water sport? Then have a go at Kayaking on our lake which is perfect for beginners as most of the people can easily stand up in it if a capsize occurs. Our fully trained instructors give all the participants helmets and buoyancy aids and some instructions before going on the water and then will help develop kayaking skills on the water by playing games which often involve getting wet.

1 Hour 12 people max Ages: 8+

Laser Quest

Get ready to blast your way through the Walesby Laser Quest, working in teams your mission, if you choose to accept it is to conquer the other side and become victorious. One of our most popular activities at Walesby, you will be sure to feel the adrenaline pumping throughout.  

1 Hour 12 people max Ages: 5+

Leap of Faith

Do you trust yourself? Are you confident in your own ability? If the answer is YES then can you climb up to the top and take that Leap of Faith. This adrenaline filled activity can test your confidence to the limit.

1 Hour 12 people max Ages: 10+

Low Ropes

This will test your ability to balance and build your confidence and trust as you go round the course with obstacles between trees including rope swing, balance wire and walking net, will you make it to the end?

1 Hour 20+ people max Ages: 5+


Originally a sport for the upper classes now everyone can enjoy the classical sport of Fencing. A great way of developing agility, strength and balance. Our instructors focus on improving technique whilst also placing an emphasis on fun, using our equipment. All equipment is provided and our instructors deliver a thorough safety brief before each session.

1 Hour 12 people max Ages: 5+


5 sense, 1 of them taken away - Your sight. Using your touch and your hearing, pushing your group skills to the limit with your elbow deep in mud, each member of the group will have their work cut out. Each team member will be blindfolded and will follow a guide line through the course with only the instructions of your team members and the watchful eye of your instructors to guide you through. Only the brave dare take it on, can you?

1 Hour 20+ people max Ages: 5+


You will learn how to read maps and follow directions. With a choice of 3 courses you can choose to do a simple short course or more difficult intense courses that will test your skills to the limit.

No Limit 20+ people max Ages: 5+

Outdoor Climbing

Ever thought that you would climb just as good as a monkey, well Why not try your skills at our climbing walls. At Walesby we have 3 climbing walls. For those that aren’t as confident we have two 25ft walls but for the more confident we have an amazing 45ft wall. You will have the help of a trained climber who will help you every step of the way up, that’s if you need it.

1 Hour 12 people max Ages: 5+


A great way to develop teamwork, communication and logistical skills. With a large range of equipment and plenty of ideas, we can work with groups to build anything from giant gateways to swings.

No Limit 6 people max Ages: 7+


Develop your team building skills by being given some basic materials to build a water vessel. By working as a team you will develop knotting skills and team skills whilst hopefully building a raft which will hold the full number of your team on our lake. If the raft is not secure enough then you will get wet. The instructors are there to hand out the buoyancy aids and helmets and give instruction and guidance.

2 Hours 20 people max Ages: 5+

River Crossing

Willing to dabble with fate and cross a fast-moving river with just a few pioneering poles and rope? You and your team have the chance to make a bridge and cross the river. With a trained instructor teaching new knots and building your team skills up you might beat fate and cross the fast river.

2 Hours 12 people max Ages: 8+


If you want a relaxing swim or fun splashing around, the outdoor swimming pool is suitable for every one of all ages and ability. And it is solar heated!

1 Hour 20 people max Ages: 5+

Team Building

Working together within your group you will have various problems to solve and games to play. You will be challenged to your limits and have to work together to develop and learn new skills in order to get to the solution.

1 Hour 12 people max Ages: 8+


In this exciting activity, participants are put through their paces testing skill and accuracy using specially made Throwing Tomahawks. Can you hit the bullseye?

1 Hour 12 people max Ages: 10+

Traverse Wall

Our purpose built wall could have you going round in a spin as you climb side ways around with only your finger tips and toes keeping you connected to the blocks. How long can you hold on without falling off?

1 Hour 6 people max Ages: 5+

Twilight Zone

An evening activity programme just for you but you may make new friends if you have to share with another group – 2 hours of fun and activity which may be team games or a disco just wait and see.

2 Hours 20+ people max Ages: 5+

Wobble Pole

Scale the great outdoor pole suspended high from the pylon – it’s not going to be easy for you as it wobbles around. With the help of your team supporting you from below, will you be able to reach the top?

1 Hour 12 people max Ages: 8+

Zip Line

Are the younger ones up for some thrill seeking; our 50m zip line will be right up their street. Speeding over the Walesby site. With this activity we do require a fully fit adult to help with the dismounting of the zip line. 

1 Hour 12 people max Ages: 5+